Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My thoughts on Jordanians Bloggers

For the last 3 years ,I have been watching , examining , reading and some times commenting on what Jordanian bloggers write on their blogs ;for most parts,their posts and pontifications have no value whatsoever in our daily realty,their shallowness and sometime racist and ignorant thinking about the issue at hand is extreme at best.
Most of them are located in West Amman neighborhood which is an affluent district that only the rich families can afford to live in and most of them are kind of hashmi,hashmi blind Supporters that when you utter a word about the corruption of the regime,they either attack you personally or try to change the subject and make it irrelevant.
The best example for their shallowness and empty talk just go and navigate the Jordanian blogersphers and you will discover what Iam talking about ,it's just out right pathetic ,disgusting and shameful at best.


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Sid Vicious said...

Look here, sonny boy, Blogging does not mean Revolution, ok? You want to write a blog about stuff that matters (and when I say matters, I mean matters to you), you do that. But it's not your business nor is it of any concern to you what other people write in their blogs. Blogs can be anything; personal, specific, general, whatever the writer (not you) wants. I've seen blogs about cooking, sewing, and a lot of other stuff that's important only depending on the reader's definition of important. Blogging is not Journalism, please take your high standards and go somewhere else. Take your online revolution and do something (other than blabbering about it in Cyberspace) with it. And then come here and claim you're better than others.

Oh, And after you meet every single person in West Amman, interview them, and map the fuck outta them, then you can enlighten us without a shred of doubt about those peculiar "West Ammanis". I don't live in West Amman, but I hate stereotyping.

mimi said...
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AlurduniAlurr said...

mimi,,Is this your best shot?

Anonymous said...

its sad to see this much Anger
you know what is really intersting to see how you would be if you were born as a native jordanian for example
maybe you would be one og the guys that only listen to 3omar 3abdallat and put a red 7atta on your car and curse palestenians all the time!!
I bet you also think that your relegion is right and all the others are wrong and will go to hill!!
no really common do we have like an apartheid regime or something
we're in the same boat man so just let go!!