Tuesday, March 23, 2010

في العمق... برنامج حواري من قناة الجزيره يناقش هواجس بما يسمى الوطن البديل

في العمق... برنامج حواري من قناة الجزيره يناقش هواجس بما يسمى الوطن البديل... نقاش مهم وشيق يلقي االنظر على خفايه وتفاصيل ما يدور من وراء الكواليس والغرف المغغلقه

Monday, March 8, 2010

Clebrating International Women's Day, Why only one day?

Today, women around the world celebrate their achievement and advancement and yet, we all witness the killing, injustices, oppression, rape, imprisonment, prosecution, discrimination, domestic violence or honor killing at the hands of "men" that ruled the world for too long.
 In spite of assurances from TV pundits, and to some extent western fiminst Movement ,  writers, "intellectuals", authors and various women's institution and organization have pontificated, that women have achieved a long leap toward leveling of the plain field between women and men; In my opinion,  it is simply a myth, that has nothing to do with the daily realities in which women face every day.
For many long centuries and until now, women have not only endured the oppression of men , and injustices but have to conceive, carry and  raise our children, grow our food and and clean our homes. And in return, what have we done to alleviate their suffering?, and to truly  answer this question, we have inflicted more oppression  miseries , killing and injustice and more of the same .
 To celebrate and commemorate International women Day for only one day , is in my opinion,  pathetic , outrageous and outright scandalous to make you believe that women around the world have achieved "equality" and "freedom"..