Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Human rights watch report on Jordan

Human Rights Watch has published a report on the restriction of NGO and the right of assembly of civil society in Jordan and here it is in Arabic and you can download the English version.


mimi said...

well, we should fix ourselves from the inside first, we should put our own standards, and follow them. I'm not saying we're perfect, maybe we r exactly the opposite but when we think of Jordanian rights, i think the correction must come from the inside out, not vise versa.
for example, let's fix the honor killing law first, we know its wrong but we maintain it.. for what ?? and why ??

AlurduniAlurr said...

mimi..Thank you for visiting ,I absolutely agree with you about our reactionary laws that deals with honor killing laws ,but at the same token,we should ask our selves and the king ,if he can dissolve the parliament with his signature why can he interfear and do something with these pathetic laws ??

M Kilany said...

Why are you posting much less these days?
What is keeping you busy?

alurdunialhurr said...

Thanks for asking Kilany,,Iam busy with my business