Friday, December 14, 2007

فقراء الاردن بين مطرقه سياسات الحكومه الهزيله وسندان العولمه المتوحشه

Since year 2000,the so called Jordanian "liberal" economic policy makers,and under the direction of King Abdullah and Bassam Awadallah have taken Jordan to the unknown of no mans land,by selling Jordanian people's assets such as Communication ,water ,cement and phosphate public companies to Foreigners and domestic "investors" for whole sale garage prices;under the guise of bringing investments and economic opportunities to up lift the "poor" and "disadvantage" and eliminate "deficiency" of previously owned public sectores.
While investment are at all time high and the full speed of selling our national resources at maximum ,Jordan's external debts to the IMF and World Bank is one of highest foreign debts per capita in the world,while foreign and domestic "investors" are making a "killing" on their investment our people are getting killed and smashed under this neoliberal economic policy makers that their only concerns, are to be part of this shopping spree of our national assets for the best possible cheapest prices ever and talking control of what has been,the left over of our own national resources that you and I have paid and worked for long time ago.

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