Thursday, February 28, 2008

What happened to Arab Masses?Are they still protesting the Danish cartons

Buy now ,we are sure that Arab governments are lost case when it comes to support the Palestinian people, but the question is where are the Arab masses and where is the outrage to what what is happening to our brothers and sister in Gaza and the continuous military onslaught of the civilian population ,I guess they are busy protesting the pathetic Danish cartons ,where are we and what the hell we are doing to put pressure on "our" government to do anything or something to stop this crime against humanity ,wake up people because your turn is next ,and if we keep silent and tranquilized and pretend it is not "our" problem then I think we are not only tranquilised but insane and have no consciousness what so ever.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

الحزب الشيوعي الأردني: وفاة عياديّة بعد 40 عاماً من الوفاة السياسيّة

مقال تحليلي من قلم الرفيق ناهض حتر عن تاريخ الحزب الشيوعي الاردني في جريده الاخبار البنانيه
يقول الكاتب ناهض حتر

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

From AlQuds Alarabi"اتهامات متبادلة بين الموالاة والمعارضة بالتدريب العسكري في البقاع والاردن "

It seems the Jordanian Mukabarat is in the middle of accusation by some Lebanese factions that allegedly accuse the Jordanian intelligence of harboring and training some of Saad Mini Hariri thugs who are supported and financed by the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia.Link

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Iam really proud of the people of Berkeley

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Today code pink headed by it's founder Media Benjamin have energized the city and it's people to come out and protest the U.S. Marine Recruiting Station on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley ,California.
Today,I went to protest and stood by the people of good will that want to make change and alter the American foreign policy in Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan,here some picture I took while protesting.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Are Jordanian racist?

Today,I was reading Jordanian blogger Toloy's Box writing about her African or black friend when he or she was visiting Jordan ,Toloy writes "My friend told me he had never been so conscious of his skin color, of being “black,” as much as when he was in Jordan. He told me stories about random guys calling him “Abu Samra” and laughing, about people’s insistence that he was not from the U.S.A but from somewhere else “originally.” No really, originally, where are you from? — that’s what they used to ask him"
My opinion ,we are racist to the core toward any body that does not resemble white or light skin person or any body is not from Jordan or "real" Jordanian (الاردني القح)
as Jordanian always refer to as to who is real Jordanian and who is not,and i hear that so many times when "real" Jordanians descuss the Palestinians presence on jordan's soil as a Balgekee or intruders (دخيل او دوخلاء).
When we descuss African American or "brown"skin people we always call them and describe them as عبد أو عبيد which literally means in Arabic slave or slaves and I found this description , derogatory and most racist word to describe ,refer and pontificate about black people.
What do you think?, give me your intput and be honest about it.