Saturday, March 21, 2009

What "peace" are you talking about?

Al Zai desalinization station in Salt

This is not the first time Israel is dumping it's sewer in the Yarmouk river,according to this report الكرامة المهدورة في نهر اليرموك by Fahd Al Khitan ,for eight straight days ,Israel kept discharging their waste water into our river and reservoirs and as a result our Al Zai desalinization station in Salt was contaminated which services Amman, Al Salt, Zarqa, and Irbid.
Now the Question that begs it's self , who should pay for this repeated environmental disasters and reckless and dangerous practices and how could Jordanians in future guarantee that such repeated violation of the so called Peace Treaty is not going to happen again and again, and where is the out rage from the Jordanian and where was "our" government protest and dignity and respect( That's if the government has it)? Where are the Jordanian from all this ,how come we didn't organize protest in front of the Israeli Embassy in the Al Rabiah to protest and register our disgust? where are those buffoons who are against the annulling of this shameful treaty and their constant praising of such outrageous relation and pathetic and shameful treaty ? shame on us, shame on us..


الجرايدة و المشاقبة و بني حسن said...

الله يوخذك

ولك شكلك واحد يا فلسطيني يا سوري


فاضي اشغال

AlurduniAlurr said...

محسوبك أردني ' قح ' بس فهمان العبه

AlurduniAlurr said...

ولك يا حمار مع أنني أحب الحمير، مدونتك ما تسوا قرش مصدي، فيها الكثير من أدبيات العنصريه والتميز، تتكلم وتكتب عن الاسلام وأنت بعيد كل البعد عن تعاليم هذا الدين الحنيف ومن المعلوم في الشريعه الاسلامية أن الناس جميعّا سواسيه كأسنان المشط، لأنهم من أب واحد وأم واحده، وأنما يفضل الفاضل منهم بتقوى الله وحده ، كما قال تعالى "إن أكرمكُمْ عندِالله أثقاكُم [ سورة الحجرات: من الآيه ١٣]، وفي الحديث: "لا فضل لعربي على أعجمي ولا لعجمي على عربي ولا لأحمر على أسود ولا أسود علي أحمر إلآ بالتقوى"

Anonymous said...

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