Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reconstructing the state of Jordan, Methods and methodology

Iam in process of writing of how to proceed to reconstruct of our country's system of governance, and if you have any suggestion please leave your comment.

For long time, Jordanian of all walk of lives have written ,pontificated and registered their concern of how to pursue and reconstruct a viable and sustainable system of governance in order to meet people demands and aspiration.
Here today, I would like to register and document my methods of reaching that noble cause in which I like to be part of..
First of all , we must agree that we have broken and corrupt system of governance that needs to be overhauled from the bottom up and left and right.
since the 1920s our elders,tribesmen and intellectuals have put forward a numbers of mechanism to reconstruct what the colonial Europeans government ie England and France and later on United States that have imposed on us through military ,economic and cultural strangulation to except and implement their designed schemes to control and to keep the Levant(بلاد الشام، سوريا، جبل لبنان،العراق ، فلسطين التاريخيه والمناطق الشرقيه من نهر الاردن )under their control by installing reactionary regimes that would except and adhere to their demands.

Second, we must demand from this illegal and illegitimate government to dissolve itself and if this illegal entity does not except and adhere to demands of the people then we must organize and mobilize a general strike to bring about it's demise.

Third, A call for National conference in our Capital Amman to all the people of good will to gather and discussed methods and strategies of how to proceed and reconstruct a viable and sustainable system of governance ,for example drafting a new and progressive constitution that could pave the way for the younger generation to be able to amend and draft new laws that guarantees the will being of our people.

Fourth, Right after the convening of National conference, the People Must demand the removal off all the defacto laws that were drafted and implemented in the last 80 plus years which means a new fresh start without any delays.

Fifth, Calling on the new National Conference to elect an interim government that could hold the office of premiership for not more than six months with an over site independent committee that consist of honorable judges prosecutors and good public employee to oversee and scrutinize the office of premiership and his or her cabinet

Sixth, National referendum must be held all over that county concerning the new drafted constitution,after all people must vote and approve the laws by 51% of voters approval.

Seventh, During the interim government, the premiership office must demand from the army chief of staff not to interfere or impede the democratic process but to protect it and if the Army try to interfere or change this outcome, army officers and army staff must be held accountable according the new drafted laws.


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