Sunday, December 20, 2009

WEST WING WRITERS Helps writes Queen Rania and Jordanian Royal courts speeches.

According to The Guardian of London, journalist Daniel Nasaw writes about speech writing company that helps write speech to British leaders such as Gordon Brown , American vice-president Joe Biden and Jordanian Queen Rania
The question that will always pop in my mind , if one become a leader of any country and hires a company to write his or her speech then I say ,you don't deserve to be in choir let alone to be a leader ,prime minster, king or queen..


Nas said...

not sure that's a fair statement. every leader on this planet has his or her speeches written by speech writers. except maybe qadaffi. but speech writers have been around for centuries and centuries and some of the greatest speeches ever spoken out loud were written by someone other than the speaker. i dont think it makes anyone less or more of a leader.

to quote the west wing: "you campaign in poetry, but you govern in prose".

leadership is about the prose.

AlurduniAlurr said...

yea nas,I have no problems with somedoy editing a speech ,but I have problems with speeches that are very tedious , boring , insignificant and above all very very costly to you and me