Saturday, December 12, 2009

شر البليه ما يضحك

بالله عليكم هل رأيتم رجل يستحق هذا المركز مثل الحريري الصغير ،هذا الجحش يقود دويلة لبنان الممزقه التي ليس لها لا حوله ولا قوه ، شخصيه مثل الحريري الصغير والأمي هي عباره عن مثال لكل القاده العرب الذين حقروا وبهدلوا أنفسهم من أجل منصب وهمي ،هذا نمودج عن سمات "القاده العرب


Anonymous said...

Are you for real?!?! 3aybishoom 3aleek, this is a young man trying to fill such big shoes that were those of the only real leader that helped unify Lebanon by bringing education and construction, he comes from a family with a history of giving and giving more than they need to give to make sure that lebanon becomes on par with the rest of the world. Rafic El Hariri looked at the people and the potential of Lebanon and not his own group/clan/ hizb or interest he had money coming out the wazoo what the hell does he need a bit more.
So Saad isnt a perfect arab fus7a linguist but he graduated University with a degree and speaks English French and Italian fluently and Lebanese (which as a lebanese leader all we really care about, the only people that still speak fush7a in lebanon are the newscasters and thats just so that all the other arabs can understand us!)
so really who the hell are you to call him a Jahish

The Free Jordamian said...
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AlurduniAlurr said...
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