Thursday, July 23, 2009

King PlayStation is revocking Palestinians' citizenship

For how long can we keep silent to the injustices and treatment of Palestinian in Jordan, can one person keep deciding for us what is right or wrong for us.
According to this artical, by the Raw Story ,palestanian are being squezzed and harrased by the so called Jordan Interior Minister Nayef al-Kadi in an interview with Al-Hayat. ""We are only correcting the mistake that was created after Jordan's disengagement from the West Bank. We want to highlight the true identity and nationality of every person."", God dame it, what the fuck with :"true identity " and "and nationality of every person" didn't his father came from Palestine tell me you smart Interior Minister , what the fuck is your fucking identity ?


Anonymous said...

I agree, Palestinians in Jordan should be treated differently,, hmm let's change things up and treat them as they are being treated in Libanon..

That would be perfect.

الأردني الحر said...

Sorry pal, unfortunately for you, Palestinians are jordanian citizen by your fucking law ,and they should be treated equally and i say enough racism dumb fuck!

Anonymous said...

I'm agree with u mr author.

Just see their slogan.

Al urdun awwalan.

Anonymous said...

loool idiots..

The first anonymous is here :)

TO the first comment after me,
Thank you for your enthusiasim, demonstrated by your beautiful choice of words.

you have said that Palestinians are Jordaian by law, okay did I read this line right?? you are now with the law? the same law that was put when the Hashimites Found this country?? or do you want to change certain aspects of the law according to your insightfull ideas??!! seriously?? this law is what legislate the Hashimites as the rulers and founders of Jortdan, the same law that makes Jordanian (regardless of the place of their origional birth place) EQUAL.

my comment was sarcastic! (duh)! because they are treated equaly in Jordan and way much better than any other country in the region, even better than Palestine itself where people are killing their brothers.

Racisim are fired by blogs like yours, this is what happens when you question the foundations at which this country was built on, look around you, we live in a region that can not allow idiots like you to open holes for Israel to come and destroy our unity by questioning the foundations that this country was built on and its stability (assuming that you are stuipid and not an Israeli spy working to destroy the unity of our beautiful Jordan).

Finally, disappear or die.

To the second one after me,
ha ?? !! I suggest that you should die as well.

xoxo ;)

Anonymous said...

Long live Jordan
Long live the King
Long live the Crown Prince


5awa 3an ras 2hlak Jordan will always be Hashimite, secure and stable!

الأردني الحر said...

أنا بقول بكفيك هبل

enas said...

السلام عليكم
بتعرف انا دخلت بالغلط على مدونتك بس قرأت كل مواضيعك من 2007
والله ما الي بالسياسة ولا غيرها
ولكن بين كومة الافكار التي اعيشها بعد قرائتي اجد ان حياة الشعوب كتااب ضخم لا تستطيع انت ولا غيرك قرائتها كلها
وان كان هناك بعض التمييز اني اجد ان الاردن بلدي الاول وفلسطين الثاني واعلم ان كثير من الاردنية تزوجوا بفلسطينيات ، حياتنا قائمة والاردن قائم فلماذا هذا التشويه والعبث المصطنع
نعيب زماننا والعيب فينا
لماذا لا نوجه طاقات العدائية والكراهية لمن يستحقها
وما لزماننا عيب سوانا
وان كان هناك من الشعب من يخطأ فلا نصدر حكمنا على كافة البلد
" بكفي هبل نحن في الاردن قوة وحدة "

guntur said...

salam alaikum

i am amalaysian who studying in a part of your country.

me too,like enas, stumbled into this site. and i respect all of your opinion and the readers to.

regarding the 'true identiy' we also face the same things but i dont want to mention it here as it is not a simple thing.

what i want to stress here is LEARN THE HISTORY. also read from both side, pros and cons and you'll reach the solution, inshaallah.

anyway, respect others.

The Free Jordanian said...

guntur, ,thank you for your fine words anf thanks for coming over

Anonymous said...

The majority of the Palestinians now in Jordan were born in Jordan...hence, they are Jordanian citizens. That is a right given in every modernized state--i.e. minus Israel and most other Arab countries. They have as much right to power and to the resources of the country as the so-called indigenous Jordanians.

Foreign-born Palestinians--or Jordanians born in Europe or North America for that matter--should be subject to harder processes of citizenship. But the fact that your great grandfather spoke Bedouin tongue and mine spoke with an accent from Jerusalem should have no bearing on the political power you or I should exercise in a modern state.

Let's drop the tribalism--as well as the monarchy--and create a democratic state for all of its citizens. You want tribalism? Go live as a non-Jew in Israel.

If the King and his ilk don't like it, well, we will take to the streets and modernize the state with our own sweat and blood. Don't think that the Palestinians, or any other group from outside Jordanian border, is here by your benefit. People indigenous to other countries--Palestinians, Egyptians, and Syrians, especially--built and sustain this country.


Caise in Amman

Anonymous said... is very informative. The article is very professionally written. I enjoy reading every day.

الأردني الحر said...

انا شرموط