Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's time to abolish all monarchies and off course family made princes .

Meet the the new Crown prince of Jordan ,he was chosen by his father on basis of his good judjment ,experience ,education, skills and after all wisdom


Anonymous said...

Long live Jordan
Long live the King
Long live the Crown Prince


5awa 3an ras 2hlak Jordan will always be Hashimite, secure and stable!

Asif said...

Abolish the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan! I don't care who he is descended from! Abolish the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, of Morocco, of Bahrain, of Kuwait, et cetera et cetera. Abolish all these dictatorships and all these puppet states. Only then can we the Muslim world succeed. If only George Habash had been successful in uprooting King Hussein! Inshallah, someone will follow in his footsteps and provide a true democracy to the Middle East. By overthrowing the oppressors, we can end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, liberate Filisteen, and enjoy fair and democratic form of governments across the Islamic world.

Asif said...

These kings are nobody, they need to see how expendable they are, as demonstrated from the results of the French Revolution. They cannot sit comfortably in their palace while the people on the ground suffer! They need to suffer as we do so they can see how we have toiled these years. They need to feel the dirt like we do, they need to be sent to the ash heap of history. How arrogant they are to impose themselves on our coinage and money. There is only one king, and that king is Al-Malik, Allah Ta'ala. It is my sincere hope that the West Bank and Jordan should be unified as a Republic of Palestine (Ghazzah might as well join Egypt as it did prior to 1967). Let's not forget that Jordan and the West Bank (not mention Ghazzah and what is now Israel) were part of the Palestine mandate before Transjordan was created in 1922. I'm all for pan-Arabism, although that's much more difficult to achieve.