Monday, January 21, 2008

Why the world is silence about what is happening in Gaza

The Zionist occupation army in Gaza is committing war crime and it seems that crimes they committed in the past were not enough,because US the Arab government allowed them and sometimes encourage them to continue to commit more war crimes....
Now ,it should be clear to any human being that the Zionist racist government with the help of United States ,EU,UN and Arab governments including Jordanian government, never was interested in any meaningful negotiations to end the conflict and give back of what they have stolen.
I call on all Jordanian bloggers to pay more attention to what is happening to our brothers and sisters in Palestine and their struggle for justice and freedom.
The Palestinian struggle for justice is our struggle for Justice and freedom,we must ex cert all kind of pressure on "our" government to end the so called peace treaty(I call it surrender Treaty) with this criminal racist regime ,you don't reward criminals by normalising relation with them,you seek justice by using all kind of pressure whether political by cutting all diplomatic relation or economical ,by boycoting and banning Israeli products to come to our market.
I totally blame the Arab government for this ,and mst all of them have collaborated with US and Israeli racist governments to destroy the will of the Palestinian people to continue to struggle for justice and peace in their land,this war is not only against the Palestinians s but against anybody that confronts occupation and imperialism and domination anywhere ......
END the Zionist Occupation in Palestine and the American Occupation of Iraq NOW

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