Sunday, January 27, 2008

Exploiting "foreign" workers in Jordan

For several years now ,we have witnessed mass exploitation of foreign workers in 100 garmet factories in Jordan,according to an American labor group; slave labor is being practiced by garment factories east of the capital Amman.
Charles Kernaghan, heads National Labor Committee who visited Jordan to investigate abuses of foreign workers told the Herald Tribune," he was shocked by what he discovered in Jordan.and according to Kernaghan,"You have people working 48 hours straight. You have workers who were stripped of their passports, who don't have ID cards that allow them to go out on the street. If they're stopped, they can be imprisoned or deported, so they're trapped, often held under conditions of involuntary servitude."

Workers in those factories are reporting horror stories about their working condition ,workers are forced to work 48 hours non stop and without paying them overtime . their living condition is not better either 10 to 20 people are forced toi live in one room
The companies that are involved in the abuse are Saidan, Al Nahat, Panorama, Nash, Al Sharaf, Peace Gates, and Al Jabiri, and that the new employers are Classic Fashion, EAM Maliban, Mediterranean Resources, Advanced Technology, El Zay, Jordan Sun, and Jordache.

أهلآ وسهلآ بكم في نضام العولمه والسوق "الحر" الجديد،،تمتعوا يا أيها الاردنيون ويا فرحتي عليكم...

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