Saturday, July 30, 2011

"ملك الاردن متورط بفضيحة الرشوة وزوج اخته يكسب القضية امام المحكمة الامريكية"

أنقر أو أنقري على النص المكتوب بلون الاحمر وقرائوا عن الفضايح والغسيل الوسخ لهذها العائلة
"PALM BEACH, Fla. — A billionaire oilman was ordered to pay $28.8 million to a member of the Jordanian royal family on Wednesday in a lawsuit over multi-billion-dollar contracts to supply fuel to U.S. troops in Iraq.
While a business dispute between Mohammad al-Saleh, the brother-in-law of Jordan’s King Abdullah II, and Florida businessman Harry Sargeant III and his oil company was at the center of the case, the testimony often seemed to have sprung from the pages of a Tom Clancy novel, with allegations of bribery, double-crossing and war profiteering leveled during the three week trial. "

msmnbc النص والخبر منقول من موقع عرب تايمز ولكن الرابط والخبر الأصلي من

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