Tuesday, February 8, 2011

الى ملك الاردن ... هل وصلتك الرسالة بعد تمزيق صورك في الجنوب

Letter to King Abdullah II
"The dictators and their influential wives: Ben Ali, Leila, Abdullah II and Rania

January 18, 2011

HM King Abdullah II

The Royal Court

Amman, Jordan

Your Majesty

Are you ready? Have you been taking good notes from what just happened to Tunisia’s dictator Ben Ali? You better….Time is definitely not on your side! Given your regime’s tragic human rights record, tyranny and exponential levels of corruption, it seems that you will be next in line! Jordanians are very tired of your absolute monarchy, corrupt and unelected governments, and cruel Darak (gendarmerie) police that have been oppressing and terrorizing the people of Jordan over the past eleven years. On Friday, January 14, 2011, several demonstrators destroyed your portraits in the City of Sabha in the Northern Bedouin region. Are you getting it

Your regime has failed to adhere to international treaties including international human rights conventions and accords. Also, since coming to power in 1999, you have failed to deliver on initial pledges to promote democracy and the rule of law. Your rule has become increasingly authoritarian. No serious political opposition is permitted to form. The judiciary is manipulated by you and your appointed government, and no independent judges are allowed to operate. The press and broadcast media are tightly controlled, and the authorities make vigorous efforts to restrict internet communications and limit access to websites with independent news about Jordan. For years the human rights community in Jordan has been under sustained pressure from the Jordanian General Intelligence Directorate (Al-Mukhabrat) and other state agents, who have thwarted the legitimate activities of reformers and have violently attacked and intimidated these individuals and members of their families

In light of these facts and the genuine changes that are taking place in the world, we strongly urge you to adopt critical and overdue reforms immediately. The dividends of these reforms will be shared as they positively affect the daily lives of all peoples of this important region and beyond. We specifically urge you to pay very close attention to the following before it is too late

State of democracy and political reforms: Need critical constitutional amendments to elect a representative government and reserve a symbolic political status of the Hashemite family

Freedom of expression and freedom of assembly: Need fair and impartial parliament and senate elections and press/media reforms

The under representation and absence of Jordanians from Palestinian origin in the government, parliament, senate, armed and security forces, and the decision making process circles must be addressed immediately

Poverty, unemployment, and ongoing massive corruption (According to a very recent scientific poll conducted in Jordan, 64.7 per cent of respondents from the national sample believe that corruption is rampant within the public sector, and 52.1 per cent said it was more widespread in the private sector): Need clear and serious strategies to fight each major problem. We need to connect the money laundering issue with corruption and acute deterioration in the Jordanian standard of living. Our people can no longer afford to live in their country. Foreign “dirty monies” from neighboring countries and elsewhere are destroying the economic base of our people. Jordanians are competing with foreign nationals on very limited resources: Basic services and real estate. Appropriation of state land to you and members of your family must be returned immediately. You and members of the royal family must disclose your business expenses and personal wealth. Stop the unconstitutional influence of Queen Rania in the state’s decision making process

Current policy on issue of Palestinian settlement in Jordan and disengagement with the West Bank. There should be an unequivocally clear position on these issues by the elected government. This government should immediately tackle this issue with clear policy and constant enforcement; and links with terrorism to the above….the absence of the aforementioned strategic dimensions would worsen the current state of affairs and keep generating more terrorists and security problems in the country, the region and beyond

We look forward to an engaging, speedy and genuine national dialogue. Our home country need it today and we can’t afford any delays in developing and implementing these much needed and critical political, economic and social reforms. Don’t drag your feet in this and no more false excuses


Dr. Abdul Salam Al-Mualla

Secretary of Foreign Affairs
The Jordan National Movement

Delegation of the European Union to Jordan

U.S. Embassy in Amman, Jordan

French Embassy, Amman, Jordan

Embassy of Britain, Amman, Jordan

Embassy of Japan, Amman, Jordan

Embassy of Russia, Amman, Jordan

Embassy of China, Amman, Jordan

Canadian Embassy, Amman, Jordan

Human Rights Watch, New York, U.S.A
Human Rights First, Washington, D.C
Amnesty International, United Kingdom

Freedom House, Washington, D.C
U.S. Dept. of State, Jordan Desk

U.S. Senate, Foreign Affairs Committee

U.S. House of Representatives, International Relations & Appropriation Committees

The International Federation of Journalists, Brussels, Belgium

European Federation of Journalists, Brussels, Belgium

Committee to Protect Journalists, New York

European and U.S. Press, Jordan and Arab Press, & International Press"

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