Thursday, December 30, 2010

The dictatorial system of the Tunisian state

For the last two weeks, the people of Tunisia has risen and revolted against the dictatorial and mafioso political system of Zaid Al Abedeen who has crowned himself, his wife and his family as the sole custodian of Tunisia
According to one diplomatic cable that was released by wiki leak , an american diplomat stationed in the capital of Tunisia has described the government of Tunisia as a mafia that ruled the county with an iron fist.
Isn't that what we have throughout the Arab world , a bunch of Mafias, thugs and charlatans that made it so difficult for the people of this region to have any peaceful and meaningful change?
My recommendation for this brutal and
thuggish mafia, is to throw it in the history dust ben and bring Zaid Al Abdeen's thugs and his charlatans to justice for crimes and embezzlement they have committed against the people of Tunisia..

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