Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Political Camps in the Arab World

Dahlan thugs and assasin who ran away from Gaza to the terrorist Israeli Army after their failed attewmpt to take over Gaza
Let me tell you about the two Arab camps.
There are two political camps in the Arab world, The collaborationist conspiring Camp which basically headed by the Saudi Wahhabi collaborationist camp along with Dictator Husni Mubarak of Egypt and the little King Abdullah (the PlayStation kid) of Jordan and the defunct Palestinian collaborationist Authority (PCA) headed by Abu Mazen(abu Dokahna,in English it means the father of little shop) and his security thug and embezzler, Mohammad Dahlan.On the other side ,there is the Arab people that have been subjugated to the most brutal and criminal practices by the security and intelligence apparatus thugs of those regimes, in matter of fact, in Saudi wicked kingdom, beheading in public squares still a common practice by the Saudi government and off course torture is rampant and widespread in the wicked kingdom

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