Monday, February 4, 2008

Are Jordanian racist?

Today,I was reading Jordanian blogger Toloy's Box writing about her African or black friend when he or she was visiting Jordan ,Toloy writes "My friend told me he had never been so conscious of his skin color, of being “black,” as much as when he was in Jordan. He told me stories about random guys calling him “Abu Samra” and laughing, about people’s insistence that he was not from the U.S.A but from somewhere else “originally.” No really, originally, where are you from? — that’s what they used to ask him"
My opinion ,we are racist to the core toward any body that does not resemble white or light skin person or any body is not from Jordan or "real" Jordanian (الاردني القح)
as Jordanian always refer to as to who is real Jordanian and who is not,and i hear that so many times when "real" Jordanians descuss the Palestinians presence on jordan's soil as a Balgekee or intruders (دخيل او دوخلاء).
When we descuss African American or "brown"skin people we always call them and describe them as عبد أو عبيد which literally means in Arabic slave or slaves and I found this description , derogatory and most racist word to describe ,refer and pontificate about black people.
What do you think?, give me your intput and be honest about it.


Hareega said...

I think that everyone is born a racist, and tolerance is something that needs to be taught and acquired. I think that Arabs in general are racists towards blacks, black Arabs. IT's enough that we still call them 3abeed, usually there are no bad intentions behind it but anyone with a dark skin will feel very very offended when called a 3abed. In Saudi Arabia they had slavery laws up until the late 1950s or early 1960 and they still discriminate big time against black Saudis. I don't think it's as bad in Jordan but it's there!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

yes. Jordanians are rascist. you think the only countries worth living in are Usa or somewhere in Europe. Ive seen jordanians looking down dark skin or asian people. too bad you are such a narrow minded country.

Anonymous said...

As Salaam Aleikum. What you wrote here is absolutely true. However, it also feels that the racism is not limited to skin color but also there seems to be a class system in place. I am an Indian living in Amman and I have been stopped by the police on more than one incident on roads and the first thing I get asked is Hindi? When I reply with a yes, I am put through some humiliating ordeal where they seem to get fun out of it rather than just checking my id and let me be on my way. Also, taxi drivers.. When I am with my western friends, they ask them where everyone is from and they always get a Ahlan wa Sahlan and oh so over friendly attitude whereas as soon as I say am from India I get they blandest responses ever.

With that said I have met and befriended some really nice Jordanian people. However, its sad how the racism can be in your face here many times.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Agree with you brother,
I too have realize when i see some jordanians behaving the same way in Dubai.
May allah give him Hidayah, Ameen.

Unknown said...

All of Jordanians are racist bastards and poor as fuck with no dignity and manners. They fuckin lie all the time untrusty, and one of the problems they have is they beg for money fuckin Jordan, people don't appreciate you they like to talk behind your back and harm you in a way you don't recognize it. They think they're rich and proud of themselves it's like they act like Western Europeans or something fucked up. I totally recommend not to visit Jordan, cruel, disgusting, rubbish.